Grow Your Business with “The Game”

 John Ruh  Business Culture, Leadership

Grow Your Business with The Game


A successful game plan includes clarity on your business vision and core values.  Having these in place allows your managers to support the business goals and coach their team to understand the impact they have individually. Successful companies that consistently chalk up winning seasons (aka growth in revenue) have all these things in place.

Know the Rules of Your Business

Scenario 1:
A bunch of 6-year-olds get together to play their first game of baseball. None of them knows the rules of the game, how to run bases, get anyone out, what position to play, how to hit the ball, or what to do next if they manage to connect. The coach is going bonkers! What happened? What can he do to get things on track and get sanity back?

Scenario 2:
Sue comes to work for you and she’s a pro with lots of experience, but she’s not a team player. The first week on the job, she scores some successes, but breaks every rule in your book. She makes end runs around you and the proper procedures and is oblivious to the goals the rest of your team has incorporated. What’s happened here? Do you have the resources or tools that will get her to play by the rules? Can you teach her to use her skills for the good of the team, or should she be sent to the showers?
Both stories indicate what happens when people have no clue about the rules of the game or how you play ball. In order to win in business, several things must be in place….

First: All team members must grasp how the game is played in general.

Second: Team members must understand how you play the game-your own rules, goals and most importantly, the corporate core values that define Your Way of Doing Business.

Third: Players must embrace a vision of what winning means to the organization.

Fourth: Your coaches (managers) must have tools on hand that help them recruit stars and communicate the game plan.

Successful companies that consistently chalk up winning seasons have all these things in place. Helping you establish them in your business is where we come in. We can support you at clarifying your vision and core values, get your rules in a row and explain it all in a clear, understandable manner. Why? So you and your coaches/managers can use these tools to attract talent who can win for you and with you. It’s also critical so managers can “coach” better working with players who understand the rules of your game.

Our mission is to partner with leaders at creating the support they truly need.

To better understand your business rules and how you can put them in place for optimal business growth, we are offering free, 90 minute group session on how to do this. Just submit your request below.

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