DISC and Stress

 John Ruh  DISC, Leadership, Professional Development

Stress, personal and work-based, is part of everyone’s life and impossible to avoid but it is possible to alleviate it effectively.

Personal life issues such as illness, relationship conflicts, and financial burdens are common and often lead to increased stress.

Work life is accelerating and making increased demands. New communication technology makes us reachable and “on” 24 hours a day. This is only continuing!

DISC is a proven tool that has been refined by researchers over decades to provide a better understanding of oneself and others. How can DISC help with stress? There is a quick, simple application of the tool that works!

  • Take a 12-minute online profile and learn how your DISC behavioral style also plays a major role in triggering your personal stress reaction.
  • Gain awareness of personal stressors and learn how to adjust your style to improve outcomes and gain control and power over situational stress.

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