Can You Bench Your Ego?

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

Bench Your EgoIf you don’t believe you have an ego you really don’t understand yourself. And, if you don’t understand yourself, you cannot accept yourself. And if you don’t accept yourself you will have trouble creating the support you need to keep your goals alive and well. If learning more about this intrigues you continue reading. If not, this is a good place to stop.

If you’re still reading, try this exercise. Just for a moment accept that how you answer the question, “I am__________” defines your ego or your internal self- image. I interviewed Randy Brown, who played on three championship teams with Phil Jackson’s Chicago Bulls and he told me that Phil told all the players they had to “bench their ego.” That all players on the team were leaders and needed to know their role.

I discuss the best way I know to do this in the following article. Stop Chasing Your Tail (

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P.S. Phil Jackson’s book 11 Rings is a superior book on this subject and also a fun sports read. If you want to learn more about it email at for our book summary.