Continuous Improvement – Best Practice Tip #1

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement, Leadership

A STOP ProgramDo you, as a business owner, have a STOP program in place?

This is a company program that requires everyone from owners to leaders to employees to stop and take the space and time required to review what they are doing and how they are doing it. They need to follow a path that ensures continuous improvement and innovation becomes a habit and is reviewed systematically.

Why does a STOP Program help business growth and success?

  1. No space/no time= no future (If you fail to grow and improve you don’t survive)
  2. It makes continuous improvement a daily habit instead of something to do when you have time
  3. It holds everyone accountable for mastery of their craft

How does a STOP Program work?

  1. First, a companywide declaration is made, usually by the business owner.
  2. Next, department meetings are held to discuss any and all questions and to give each person a time budget and expectations and goals.
  3. Finally, time is budgeted for it so each individual knows he/she must do it as part of their job. Systematic reviews are conducted with a focus on accomplishments and next steps.

How does a STOP Program benefit my business?

Innovation and continuous improvement can become a way of life. This will allow your business the option to stop and look at the needs of your market and make innovative changes to your products or services.

What steps should you take to start a STOP program?

  1. Have a discussion about this- NOW. (Not sure how to do this? We can help).
  2. Make a company declaration about applying this program. Explain the Stop program to your employees, making sure they understand the what, why and how along with the importance of their role in this program.
  3. Form a team or a champion to implement it in a way that makes sense

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