Women Empowering Women Development Program

 John Ruh  Leadership

What is the Women Empowering Women Concept?

Women Empowering Women is the spirit of mutually uplifting, supporting and empowering women. Our approach is to create opportunities to share, mentor and guide each other through interaction that is unique to women.

Our Development Program offers different approaches. The first creates an atmosphere of Women’s Empowerment by an internal company Peer Group, enabling a group of women to connect and share their Goals and what may be getting in the way of achieving them.

Our second offering is direct coaching with your female leaders and aspiring leaders, so they can work on their Unique Empowering Game Plan with a professional to guide them towards excellence. We partner with John M. Ruh and Associates to leverage their proven tools to increase personal awareness, enhance communication skills, improve mutual understanding and develop the Unique Empowering Game Plan that guides continuous improvement, achievement and satisfaction.

Why is it important?

If your company wants to hire and retain high impact women, having a Women’s Peer Group and One on One Coaching for women is a way to ensure you are creating vital space for growth and development.

A few of the key benefits are:

  • Attract women to your company with the added benefit of this unique offering
  • Increased retention of highly skilled and mobile female professionals
  • Equip women to effectively and authentically communicate
  • Reduce burnout through establishing work/life balance

How does it work?

Co-creating and customizing the best format for a Women’s Peer Group is part of the process to ensure it is set up in a way that is going to support the women and your company. A few options are as follows:

  • Meet once a month for 45-75 minutes (Size: 3-10 per peer group).
  • Connect via Zoom or in-person.
  • Discuss goals, strengths, continuous approvement and accountability.
  • Ensure a confidential space where women can talk freely, learn and develop in new ways.

Tracy Laverty has over 20 years of experience Coaching and Facilitating Peer Groups. Please contact John Ruh for first time discount. We look forward to hearing from you!