Why Should My Business Run DISC Profile Assessments?

 John Ruh  DISC

Many businesses could drastically improve their performance by running DISC profile assessments, but most people are unaware of how much they stand to gain. The DISC assessment is a tool designed to help describe an individual’s behavior patterns, and it’s one of the leading ways to improve internal communications and processes. To date DISC assessments have been used to profile millions of employees in businesses all around the world, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits of an assessment.

Top Benefits

There are a multitude of benefits, but the first is that the assessment aids leadership and executive development. It doesn’t only help top tier leaders, though, and it will also aid in other levels of management training. More and more organizations are evolving towards a flatter internal hierarchy, forcing leaders to interact with more subordinates today than ever before. And an effective leader needs to have a clear understanding of the personality traits of employees he/she oversees.

DISC Profile Assessment

But also consider things from a team building and training perspective. If your business wants to build and train a talented sales team, you’re going to need qualified candidates who are fit for the task. Without the right personality and skill set, your sales force may be full of people who aren’t well suited for closing sales. Likewise, you may have customer service staff who aren’t emotionally equipped to handle conflict management and communicate well the customers they support. People are wired differently and naturally suited to handle different tasks better than others, and a DISC assessment will help identify strengths and weaknesses of employees.

HR Considerations

There’s no doubt about it – HR plays a key role in the success of any organization. Not only do they help filter head hunting endeavors, but they also serve to retain employees. Furthermore, they typically are burdened with the task of finding appropriate candidates who align with the company’s culture. All of this and more can be augmented with DISC assessment to ensure that fewer mistakes are made.

As such, role and behavioral analysis tools go hand in hand with the HR department like peanut butter and jelly. Not only can the tool help outline and identify certain behavioral needs for certain positions, but it can even help avert potential litigation by integrating behavioral-based assessment into interviews. Ultimately, this helps the business save time, money, and hassles by ensuring that only the right candidates are accepted to become part of the team. The alternative is backtracking by rehiring, which is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Last but not least, the DISC assessment will help reduce HR complaints by increasing employee communication, avoid and resolve conflicts, and build relationships built on trust.

Seeking Assistance

Performing internal assessments can add tremendous long-term benefits to businesses of any size, but failing to perform DISC assessments could be costing your business hard earned profits. For help improving internal communication and understanding with DISC assessments, contact John M. Ruh and Associates.