What Motivates “Opportunity” Thinkers? What Motivates “Have to” Thinkers?

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

What is the secret to communicating with both?

Some of your most highly motivated leaders (I call them “OPPORTUNITY” thinkers) need only to hear about a possibility and they take off running. Give them an opportunity, some support and a lot of freedom and they will return with a myriad of great ideas. They commit easily and quickly.

On the other hand, most of the people you manage are likely to be what I define as “Have to” thinkers. They are at their most proficient working within an area that has strongly defined boundaries, where they can make logical decisions based on past experiences. Getting them to commit to anything other than status quo may be a challenge for you.

As a manager it is important to recognize what type of person you are dealing with, and communicate with them accordingly. You need to understand that the language that empowers these two types of people is very different. A skilled manager learns how to enroll commitment from all their players.

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