What Kind of a Leader Are You? Find Out in 15 minutes!

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

Self-Aware Leaders are More Effective Leaders

Ever wonder what your behavior says about your leadership style?

We have all heard people be critical of themselves because they personally lack certain traits they admire in others. But it is unhealthy to try to be someone other than you who really are. It is important to remember that individuals can experience burnout and stress by experiencing too much or constant adaptation. Adaptation is the process of feeling pressured to adjust to your environment based on the behavior needed to accomplish a certain outcome.

DISC works by helping you become more self-aware. In the universal language of DISC, there is no “good” or “bad” style. Your personal DISC profile indicates your natural unique behavioral tendencies.

Contact Darlene today to receive your FREE Leadership profile ($75 value). This is a simple online assessment and will only take about 15 minutes to complete.

The results will help you recognize and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. It may also help you see the benefit of other selected team members taking the assessment to help with team communication and behavior.

DISC provides your talent with the tools to become the best leaders possible:

  • Leaders at every level can benefit from powerful behavioral insights gained.
  • Learn how to apply DISC to manage, motivate, and increase employee engagement.
  • Reveal strengths, behavior under stress, and discover new ways to inspire and drive your team.
  • Receive actionable and practical insights that can be used immediately with your staff.

Each day as thousands of Baby Boomers retire from the workforce, organizations are being squeezed for leadership. It is important to assess your employees to ensure you are continuously discovering and empowering leadership behaviors and practices. Developing your managers into leaders will empower the growth and retention of your workforce.

Ready to take the first profile to see how effective DISC can be?

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