Three Key Important Leadership Questions

 John Ruh  Leadership

As the leader of your company, department or your life, have you STOPPED and done your first review of the young year?

Did You Ask Yourself These 3 Key Questions?

  1. Did I present my game plan so those people I need to help me achieve it are clear about what needs to be done and are on board with doing it?
  2. How empowered do you feel? How empowered are others? (A good sign that your plan is designed right is that people feel empowered by it.)
  3. What do you have to do so you bench your ego and ensure this goes forward as a team effort?

This is a tough question for most of us. If you are saying I really don’t have an ego you don’t understand yourself very well and are unlikely to develop the support you need to create a successful yearly game plan.

Good News – Free support is available.

Go to and read any of the numerous free blogs under leadership, culture and/or professional development.

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