The Four Tool Player

 John Ruh  Leadership, Recruiting

By John Ruh

What is a four-tool player?

In baseball, the term five-tool player describes someone who has all the skills necessary for greatness. In business, a four-tool player is an impact player/leader who can support and empower others to accomplish results beyond those they might ordinarily achieve. The ideal four-tool player in business has:

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Management skills
  3. People skills
  4. Project skills

Why this is relevant?

  1. All organizations are in constant need of top people with multiple skills
  2. Leadership skills and management skills are different skills and both are needed
  3. In today’s fast-changing environment, you cannot survive without your players being skilled in dealing with people and projects.

How can you Find, Focus and Support this type of player?

Step 1. Once you understand exactly the type of person you are looking for you must learn to write a recruitment description (not a job description) that outlines very clearly the skills and behaviors you seek.

Step 2. Learn how to “interview like a pro,” so you can ascertain what level of competency a candidate holds.

Step 3. Learn how to leverage one’s gifts/skills by putting the right person in the right job and supporting them so they are empowered and successful.

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