The 5 Understandings of the Power of Culture

 John Ruh  Business Culture, Leadership, Professional Development

“Culture, and only culture, provides a foundation on which to build a unique, empowering game plan for yourself, your team and/or company” John M. Ruh

When working with our clients to design their culture right, we need to know and understand:

First and foremost, we need to identify why and where you started, your current situation, and the journey to where you are now.

Vision and Goals
Vision: The aspirational “Big Picture”. The long-term outcome being pursued (Our process can support this if needed)

Goals: More practical and tangible for the team with timelines that make sense for your business.

Your mission should answer the “why” question and, on a deeper level, the company’s reason for being (why do we do this every day?). Applied to everyday life, Mission/Purpose can provide a more profound meaning to even daily tasks and empower the team to new heights.

Values are your “Code of Conduct”, What is expected of all involved without exception. How “we as a team play our game”. Think of your values as your non-negotiables.

To implement your culture-based game plan we need to know the behavior profiles of your players and receive detailed information rather than speculation or guesswork. This can allow us to implement your new culture-driven game plan effectively, to ensure your messages are “heard” and truly enhance understanding by all involved and how to best engage each other.

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