Other Features of the Layout

  • AR000202

    Train Yard and Rolling Stock

  • misc1

    66 signs, el cars, pictures on wall (not visible) are prints of el , streetcar scenes in Chicago (started in 1892 and goes above route 66

  • misc3

    Yard and Trains

  • misc4

    Furnace made into Texas Oil Co.

  • misc8

    Model of Edgebrook station in Chicago where Amtrak passes by

  • misc9

    Close up view of Edgebrook

  • misc10

    Diner, gas station (Mike’s train house)

  • misc11

    Diner, gas station and car wash (Mike’s train house)

  • misc12

    Close up of car wash

  • misc14

    Neon (Miller Engineering) on top of car service center

  • misc15

    Wide angle view of gas station, diner, car wash and service center

  • misc17

    Stairway entrance with signs. Note entrance to Main Street USA

  • misc16

    Deco bar and 66 corner

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