John Ruh  Business Culture, Leadership, Professional Development

  • Do you have Company “Non-Negotiables”?
  • What are they?
  • Have you taken the time to define them in writing and shared that information with ANYONE who is associated with your business?

CULTURE is the foundation of life and business
John Ruh

One of the four key components of culture is defining your values right. Values can be considered your “code of conduct” and/or your non-negotiables. It is very confusing for everyone involved when the critical expectations (or the “rules”) are neither clear nor kept sacred. Every game has rules that the players need to know, and your business is no different.

By documenting these critical foundations of your culture for all to see and understand (and ideally into a practical game plan format), you can increase your ability to Find, Focus, Support and Retain your 8, 9 and 10* players.

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