Continuous Improvement and You

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement


Where is the best place to start with continuous improvement?

With yourself! Most of us want to start with projects outside ourselves which may be very important. However, to ensure that continuous improvement becomes a habit, you need to start with yourself!


Change or die! Now that sounds dramatic, but the evidence is overwhelming that businesses and individuals that do not change end up becoming obsolete. Your company, department and individual game needs to be built on this concept. You must do what is needed to grow and prosper or you not only are killing your potential success but creating unnecessary stress in your life. All “good to great” companies and high performance individuals are in an on-going state of continuous improvement.

How to do it?

We suggest you start by answering these 3 questions to improve your business:

  1. What does continuous improvement mean to you?
  2. Why bother with continuous improvement when we have lots of real work to do?
  3. What are the next steps we need to take to make continuous improvement a habit?

OUR SUPPORT To Improve Your Business

  1. Go to and read the blogs under continuous improvement
  2. Call us and we will facilitate a discussion at your company around the above three questions (60-75 minutes at no charge)
  3. Meet with one of our Continuous Improvement leaders to discuss your culture and what it takes to make continuous improvement a core value.