Ignorance to Arrogance

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

Ignorance to ArroganceWe come into the world totally vulnerable, unable to walk, talk, read, or write and without the skills to support ourselves. We spend years in school to lose our ignorance (the word has an ugly connotation, but it is just not knowing), training to become capable, productive citizens. A select few become highly skilled at their craft and in many cases become quite successful.

For many of us, inordinate success leads one down a path of arrogance (another ugly word). In our society, many of us identify ourselves with our role in life and/or successes. We often become full of ourselves. Most of us are ego centric, which is not necessarily bad, providing we have some controls in place.

What is the Point?

If you relate to this, learning about the nature of your ego and how to bench it can help you be more successful and less stressed in your busy life. It will take some work on your part, for it requires learning to understand, accept and to support your operating ego, as Dr. Hal Stone so brilliantly calls it. When one learns how to do this he/she now has something very few unaware people feel they have…choices! For those who really get to know themselves, their level of stress is reduced dramatically as they see how their operating ego is creating the stress they complain about. For me, this benefit is beyond any monetary rewards.

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