Entrepreneurship Built America. Entrepreneurship Can Save America

 John Ruh  Leadership

Brief History
Entrepreneurship has been an important part of America since shortly after the first pilgrims landed. In 1620 the Puritans got on the Mayflower sailing to an unknown land. They settled here but half of them died the first year. It was only thanks to the Wampanoag tribe of Indians they survived at all. The pilgrims started as a commune, but found it didn’t work. It was only after they switched to an entrepreneurial model early they began to flourish. And entrepreneurial thinking has helped America continue to flourish ever since.

You are probably saying, “Nice story, John, but how does it affect my work life or my business in general?” Good question. Here are my answers…

  1. To survive and thrive in business today, everyone (all stakeholders) must be entrepreneurial like in their thinking.
    Translated into English that means every stakeholder associated with your business absolutely, positively must take responsibility (ownership) for the company’s success. Everyone shares responsibility.
  2. Continuous improvement needs be a habit.
    I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard I don’t have time for continuous improvement, I’ve got work to do. If you aren’t doing continuous improvement you are signing your company’s death warrant. It is the most important work you can do as a leader in order to keep your business relevant. (read P.S.).

    P.S. Continuous Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Continuous Improvement

  3. You need space (free time) in your life for continuous improvement.
    Due to technology, business demands and most peoples’ inability to structure their lives well, many business people have no space (free time) in their lives. Does this resonate with you? Well there is a way to create the time you need and it starts with having the right vision, context, commitment and taking responsibility for it. This may seem difficult to do, yet it is required before you do any of the other steps.

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