Ending the Blame Game

 John Ruh  Leadership

Does this sound familiar?

You ask an employee, “Why is there a problem with your performance?”

The employee answers:

  • “It’s the market”
  • “It’s my pay”
  • “It’s the lack of support you are giving me”
  • “It’s the clients”
  • “It’s the Republicans”
  • “It’s anybody but me”

If this conversation sounds like it might have taken place in your company, then you might be infected with a potentially fatal disease we call “The Itsies,” and it can put you out of business.

It’s a commonly accepted principle that businesses will only achieve peak performance when their people take full responsibility for their actions, but few companies state this as a core value, nor do they do any training or coaching on exactly what this means in terms of acceptable behavior.

  Test yourself for the “Itsies” – Do the people in our company:
Yes No
  Have an “It’s somebody else’s fault” mentality?
  Look for excuses instead of taking responsibility?
  Make a complaint rather than offer a solution?


If you answered YES to any of the 3 questions above, you may have the “Itsies”. Understand this disease will kill your chances for company success because when no one takes responsibility, nothing much happens.

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