DISC and Sales

 John Ruh  DISC

An individual’s behaviors and personality impacts how they evaluate and make decisions. Understanding a tool that helps to identify these traits, like the DISC Profile, can prove highly valuable in framing approaches to marketing and selling.

Similarly, understanding one’s own personality provides control over the dynamics of interactions with targets, prospects and clients and allows for adjustments that will ultimately lead to more sales and better customer relations.

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What a Better Understanding of DISC Offers

  • How to effectively convince/persuade the various DISC styles.
  • Communicating and selling in your preferred style vs. the clients preferred style.
  • Stress created by not understanding and recognizing all styles and culture.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to use the appropriate language and approach to closes to decrease tension and increase closes and customer satisfaction.

Know someone else in your organization who could benefit from a DISC assessment? Please feel free to forward a copy of this email to them.