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We All Must Create Vision and Goals that Excite Us

 John Ruh  Vision

We all…

Must absolutely, positively create vision and goals that excite us.  During this hectic time of year when you are dealing with day-today business issues, Thanksgiving and Christmas break/distractions completing the end of year matters and more, it may seem like a task that can wait.  However, this task is critical and it takes time to do it right.

Here is what I’m doing to prepare for the New Year.

  1. Each November I do my annual leadership review of my year (Personal and Professional Development Plan).  I get honest, open feedback from my partners.  Below is what I sent to them.
  2. Over the Thanksgiving break I formulate my annual goals.  This includes all my goals and plans.
  3. In December I test the goals to make sure they feel right. I finalize them by 12/31.
  4. In January I blast off…ready to activate the new plan.

It is a process that takes time, (you can’t rush this) but it focuses me and it works.  (Note: It may also be disruptive to your ego and cause some anxiety.  Work through it.  It is a great continuous improvement process.)  I refine it as I go along, examining it during weekly and monthly reviews.  It really is quite easy once you get into the habit of doing it.

  • What do I do well and should keep doing?
  • What am I doing that I should stop?
  • What do you see are my key strengths and how should I capitalize on them?
  • How do you see us partnering better in upcoming year?

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