Continuous Improvement While Staying On Track

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement


How do you make changes with your Security/Compliance oriented staff and keep the train on the tracks?


Continuous Improvement While Staying On Track: My answers


  1. Your security/compliance people give you and the organization steadiness and quality control.  They perform day in day out without much needed fanfare as long as you give them flat smooth tracks to run the train on.
  2. The qualities that make them valuable (quiet determination), following the rules and doing things right also make them stubborn to change and rigid in a quiet (passive/aggressive) way unless the change is obviously better than the old proven way (in their eyes, not yours).
  3. The above two points are a Yin Yang dilemma.  In order to survive and thrive in your coming market you must change to stay the same or get ahead.  Continuous improvement implementation changes are always a challenge unless you really understand and acknowledge the above two points.


Your answers?

THE REAL QUESTION- How do I do to enact changes needed yet support the bread and butter employees so they see what is truly need to do to support the overall company needs?  (And in essence protect their jobs.)


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