Golf is like Business

Consciousness and Golf or You vs Your Self-Image

 John Ruh  Professional Development

Golf is an ideal environment to examine your self-image in full operational mode. It is a slow game that gives you time between shots to hear the voices in your head. (Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.) It may tell you to use a 7 iron when the “book” play is to use a 5. Or it may say you should lay up short with a 3 wood rather than blasting your driver. The question is, is this inner dialogue supporting or sabotaging your next shot?  To a great extent, being successful at golf correlates to managing these thoughts and coaching yourself to success.

It is likely that at work, since speed and urgency dominate, you don’t hear that inner dialogue. It’s still there, you’re just not conscious of it. But just as in golf, success as a leader/manager correlates to understanding and supporting yourself (INCLUDING your inner dialogue). On the golf course, you have the time to hear your inner voice and gear your intellect to success. On the job, it is imperative you do the same and not let your ongoing ego sabotage the results you want.

Awareness is the factor I am advocating here. The golf course, work, life… what I am suggesting is that by gaining a stronger awareness of yourself, you will open possibilities that you could not see before.


You do this by using a structured process that, over time, allows you to better understand yourself. Then you begin the process of self-awareness and acceptance. You also learn how to support yourself wisely. By using this model, life changes and your performance on the job can substantially improve.

How we can help

Check out a program we have worked on for years. It is a systematic, structured approach that, as you practice, will help you gain insight into yourself. This will enable you to build your awareness skills and, most importantly, support yourself and your team well.

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P.S. When on the green, a foot from the pin, what club do you use? Obviously the putter is the right tool, the wise choice.  When at work as a leader/manager you also need to choose your tools wisely. Do you know how to do that?

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