Consciousness and Leadership

 John Ruh  Consciousness and Leadership

Consciousness and Leadership

How conscious are you of your impact as a leader?

By John Ruh

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Leaders are expected to have the vision to lead and the personal skills to empower people.  But how can you do this if you are unaware of your impact on others? How would you describe your leadership style?  What impact does it have on others?  Are you sure it’s effective? Are you a role model for your staff? Do you have an ongoing program that supports your growth personally and professionally?


Why is this important?

The noise and distractions in today’s business world make it difficult to stay conscious and alert to your leadership needs. Losing awareness of your needs has several negative consequences.  Chief among these is your performance.  All leaders need “space” to maintain and grow their awareness. When you manage yourself properly, with conscious awareness, your possibilities to achieve expand. If you want better results, you must clarify your self image.

What are the keys? 

There are many ways to achieve expanded consciousness.  In my thirty-year study of leaders and their habits, the common denominator of highly conscious leaders seems to be their proactive set of practices and habits that positively affect the way they think and see themselves.  In essence, this proactive set of practices, over time, creates a self image that changes their perspective. They allow them to be open to new possibilities and ways of thinking.  Their expanded views permit them to see and understand reality better.

Three “doors” of entry you might consider:

  1. Peer Groups

Not a networking group, but a business peer group that you meet with on a regular basis. This will provide you with a place to discuss your issues and get straight talk.  Leaders who engage in this process usually experience substantial growth.

  1. Best Practice Tools

Tools give you the How-To’s. There are many programs, processes and models to assist you.  One popular tool I use is the DISC Behavioral Profile ( It gives any leader a mirror to show how the behavioral aspects of his/her personality impacts their leadership style.  What tools do you have in place for you and your team?

  1. The Right Coach or Business Advisor

Almost all professional athletes and most professional business leaders understand the value of this. Why do you think so many highly skilled leaders continue to enroll coaching and training support? They want to improve and this may mean using an advisor who tells you what you need to hear vs. what you want to hear. Do you have such a person in your life? If so, congratulations. If not, why not?

P.S. If you have not experienced the DISC tool, do one profile online…it only takes 15 minutes. Call 773-775-6636 your free access.