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How can John Ruh help your internal Recruiting Program?

Success in your business means hiring the right people that align with your company’s mission and vision. They are essential components in helping you meet and exceed your company’s goals. Our recruiting program guarantees to reduce your cost to hire, give managers confidence that they can fill any position, and find impact players that align with your core values.


Frequently Asked Questions
It is imperative that you get recruiting right because of the consequences of a bad hire. This recruiting process is a proven model, successfully used hundreds of times for various levels of recruiting. It can be done internally or outsourced. We hope you find the FAQ’s helpful.

What is the JMR recruiting program?

It is a program created by John Ruh and refined by Scott Urban and others that identifies a company’s culture (vision, goals, mission and values) and also provides a proven, simple five-step process that, when followed, greatly improves your recruiting results.

Why use it?

It works. It is the best way we know to find candidates that not only have the necessary skills but also align with your company’s vision and values. Centering a search only on skills, education and experience is a flawed paradigm that causes too much turnover and is very costly both in terms of money and time spent.

How does it work?

    1. You define the company culture
    2. You define what an ideal candidate looks like and write out an effective recruitment description (a critical step most people don’t know how to do). This is NOT a job description.
    3. You develop a written recruiting strategy before doing anything.
    4. You religiously follow The Interview Process and Evaluation.

  • Hire and orient the person correctly.


Who does the work?

This process can be learned by any person with the right context provided they are given the time to do it. Be aware that finding a key employee is very time intensive. The goal is to have 2-3 “A” candidates within 60 days. The search process to do it right will generally require 20-60 hours. If you do not have someone with that kind of time available we recommend finding a contract recruiter

What is a contract recruiter?

A contract recruiter is one who will work only for you on a search, usually on an hourly basis. He/she gets to know your culture and people before doing any recruiting. When looking for a candidate for your company, it is done on an exclusive basis. These candidates are not being offered to other companies. The cost is substantially less.

How does a contract recruiter differ from a temporary or contingency recruiter?

  1. Cost
  2. Focus

Contingency and temporary firms make their money by placing as many candidates as they can. You have not hired them to take the time to know your culture and people. When they have a “qualified” candidate they will often offer that candidate to the firm that pays the highest commission. (Make sure you are not negotiating them down or you could end up with the leftovers). This is not to say this is a bad way to got just know it’s limitations.

What is the strategy and tactics we suggest?

To reach the targeted audience (the ideal candidates) with speed, accuracy and impact. See steps to recruiting right for details ( and view #9.

How does your program use social media?

We use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter both formally and informally posting jobs and also using friendly messages to our thousands of friends letting them know there is a position available. We also have someone on staff who is expert with several levels of Linked-in, who finds candidates through connections.

How does your program source out ideal tough to find people?

LinkedIn is considered by many to be the best recruiting research tool on the market. However, we use that source and others plus have researchers/sourcers who, if you are willing to pay for Mr./Ms. Right, can find anyone for you.

Have more questions?

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Recruiting Like A Pro

Do you want to…?

    • Be able to research, source out and find anyone for any position
    • Recruit players that align with your vision and values
    • Have a recruiting partner that ONLY represents you

Key Features of the JMR Recruiting Program

  • A professional recruiting model that works
  • A marketing approach to recruiting that positions your company powerfully
  • A team of researchers who can find anyone
  • Four recruiting options to fit anyone’s budget
  • An annual review of recruiting needs and quarterly updates
  • Training on how to interview right using John Ruh’s 5 step interviewing model
  • Free DISC profiling of new hires and coaching on how to support and empower them correctly
  • An experts support and training on how to write a recruitment description that talks to the ideal candidate and how to always get work behavioral references that verify what you are truly getting
  • Possible reduction of manpower, fixed costs, benefits and employee liability concerns

3 Key Benefits

  • You will no longer be keeping mediocre performers because you can’t find 8’s, 9’s and 10’s
  • Save money. “Your biggest HR cost is keeping people you can’t afford to keep.” (Scott Urban)
  • You will be recruiting like a pro using a paradigm that is proactive

Key Limitations of this Program

If you have a poor foundation and turn over problems, this program will not solve those issues. It requires commitment on your part to change your existing recruiting model.

Additional Resources

Step 1: Culture Defined–the Foundation

The company’s vision and goals, mission and values need to be clarified so this program and any others are built on a solid foundation. This allows Steps 2-5 to be successful.

Step 2: Recruitment Description

Consider the following three areas when identifying Mr. or Ms. Right:

  1. Culture–alignment of vision, mission and values
  2. Skills, experience and education
  3. Desired traits

Step 3: The Recruitment Strategy

Everyone must understand where to find Mr. or Ms. Right and the exact tactics to be used. And, all should know who executes the tactics and how measurement of results will be communicated.

Step 4: The Interview Process and Evaluation

  • Item 1. Review ABC’s on recruitment description. Grade candidate 1-10 on each. Before a hire is made, have a vision-and-values alignment check done by someone who understands how to do it. If a person’s vision, goals and values don’t align, don’t hire them.
  • Item 2. Conduct background checks according to state and federal regulations. Both parties check each other out…no secrets.
    • Thorough work-behavioral reference checks to validate or invalidate your feelings about the candidate. The past is the key to the future.
    • Verification of education.
    • Verification of employment.
    • Driver’s License.
    • Credit rating.
    • Criminal background.
    • Social Security number.
  • Item 3: Do an evaluation and get feedback from internal team members to achieve buy-in.
  • Item 4: Use preferred assessment tools that include DISC, OMNIA, Profiles International, etc.

Step 5: Hired and Oriented Right—a Frequently Skipped Step

  • Achieve agreement on all terms and expectations by both parties before the candidate begins employment.
  • Clearly define the job description and review processes to be used. Spell it out to avoid confusion.
  • Conduct orientation at the end of 90 days to determine three things:
    • Is it a culture fit?
    • Is the candidate a potential 8, 9, or 10?
    • What communication styles work best way to empower them? If it is determined this is not the right hire, terminate early.
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