Can You Describe Your Natural Leadership Style to Others?

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

3 questions on your leadership style:

  1. Can you accurately describe your natural leadership style?
  2. Do you understand how your natural leadership style positively and negatively impacts others?
  3. Are you aware of what type of communication is needed to impact, support and empower all behavioral styles?

Step 1 – Start with what is obvious or evident
Your behavior is obvious to everyone with whom you interface. It is visible, whereas your values, beliefs, vision, skills, experience and education are not. So consider doing a DISC profile on yourself (first one at your company is free) and get an evaluation. This will allow you to understand and begin to accurately describe your natural leadership behavioral style. You may note that your style is difficult for some people to cope with and, more importantly, what changes you must make as a leader to support and empower others.

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