3 Fun, Engaging Events to Finish Strong/Plan Wisely for 2021

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Hey! Come and Join Us!Check Out Our 3 Entertaining and Engaging Events for a Successful Close of 2020 and Planning a Successful 2021

What: Three events around the three upcoming Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Why: To have some fun during Corona Virus times while showing sincere appreciation and getting everyone involved in reviewing and planning for a successful Holiday Season into 2021.

Why this is Important: Without team buy in, we are dead in the water, plus everyone needs some positive, “we can do it talk”.


We are Thankful for You!Thanks-for-Giving session: A Zoom or live session facilitated by John M. Ruh and Associates for those willing to show sincere appreciation with some fun games and exercises to get everyone on board. This will include an announcement of your Annual Company Review (online by 3rd party) for all to participate in, giving everyone a voice.


SnowmanFun holiday weekly quiz with prizes that support your culture and the values that are important to you. Will also have something live or Zoom session again to announce feedback from your online survey*, along with thoughts for next year.


Blast Off!New Year/ New Start Blast-off: As leaders, we need to give our state of the union/blast off session in early January, ideally in a fun and powerful way. Given the Covid environment, we’ll do so with a positive “we can and will with Context/Attitude” to give everyone direction and optimistic expectations for the upcoming year.

Call / email us now at 773-641-9631 or john@johnruh.com for:

a. Discussion on how this might fit nicely into your culture.
b. A special holiday 30 day introductory offer
c. Your free introduction of how to define your culture right.

* It is highly recommended that you use an outside neutral 3rd party to perform the survey to assure employee confidence with their anonymity.