3…2…1… Be Sure Your 2024 Plan is Ready to Take Off!

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3, 2, 1
Learn the Easy What, Why, and How of Effective Game Plans!

2024 PlanJoin us for an informative workshop! Discuss the 3 simple steps that we have identified through working with our clients that make annual/game plans effective, and EASY to develop!

Is your Game Plan going to be ready in early January?

We’ll make the process straightforward…Your team will appreciate this approach!

  • What: 3, 2, 1 Planning
  • Why: A facilitated conversation with other business leaders to support you in making the daunting challenge a process that much easier and effective.
  • When: November 16, 2023 1:00 PM CST
  • Format: Zoom Session
  • Facilitator: Todd Stukenberg
  • Hosts: John Ruh and Ray Silverstein
  • Zoom Facilitator: Darlene Ruh 773-775-6636
  • To sign up: Call John 773-641-9631, email, or sign up online

3 Offers:

  1. Zoom event – click on red button
  2. Private mini 30-minute event for you/your team
  3. One-month free introductory offer partnering support

Need more details? Email or call John Ruh at 773-641-9631