Understanding, Accepting and Supporting Yourself Right

 John Ruh  Accepting and Supporting Yourself Right, Understanding

A Special Event for ADVANCED LEADERS

You’re Skilled at Your Craft … Now is the Time to Become a More Skilled Leader


Using this model and your natural leadership style, you can develop into the leader you want to be.

Who: Designed for Advanced Leaders who are committed to developing themselves and others and who understand that leadership is about partnering, supporting and empowering others, not just individual performance.




  • Learn the essence of The Power of the Right Self Image and Psycho-Cybernetics, written by the internationally renowned author Maxwell Maltz.
  • Start identifying your existing self-beliefs and how they are helping or hurting you.
  • Learn to create context and beliefs that support your vision rather than sabotage it.
  • Discover a model for mastering your craft, as well as a proven process for understanding, accepting and supporting yourself.



  • A 2.5 hour session at your office or a hotel, at a time you choose.
  • For John Ruh’s existing monthly clients, an investment of $600 + food and any applicable hotel costs.
  • All others $1,200 + food and any applicable hotel costs.
Tracy Laverty

Tracy Laverty (Laverty Consulting) is an experienced business coach, corporate trainer and facilitator.  She works with business leaders to be leaders whom people want to work with and to follow; communicate from an authentic and centered place; develop a path for what is next in their growth and professional goals; and create a balance between their personal and professional goals.

John Ruh

John Ruh is a serial entrepreneur who has made a lifelong study of business culture ad its impact on people and organizations.  He has started, grown and sold three companies and is the founder of John M. Ruh and Associates, which partners with leaders to create the support they truly need so their vision, mission and values are alive and well.



John M. Ruh



John M. Ruh and Associates partners with growth oriented leaders to create the support they truly need so their vision, goals, mission and values are alive and well.

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