The Power of Culture-Based Recruitment Model

 John Ruh  Recruiting

3 Points and a Solution

  1. While Jung’s variously named 4-dimensional index tools are highly effective, Five Star, best practice tools to help one see the hard-wired, natural traits of a person, they do have limitations.
  2. They fail to identify any aspect of a person’s values, mission, purpose, skills, experience, education, I.Q., or level of awareness/consciousness.
  3. These traits are especially important since, without them, an individual will most likely not be successful at a specific task and become frustrated. For instance, an individual with low “C” traits (details), would have a hard time doing payroll accurately and would likely be stressed out trying.

The Solution: Learn The Culture-Based Recruiting Model

When you employ this model, you assess people in 3 key areas:

  1. Culture alignment (the “non-negotiable” area)
  2. Skills, Experience, and Education
  3. Traits

When you have a Recruitment Description/Blueprint that evaluates any potential hire in these three key areas and describes a perfect 10, your potential success in hiring increases significantly. Key point: never start any search without this leading-edge document in place.

To quote Scott Urban, a business partner of mine, “most companies hire people for what they can do and fire them for who they are”.

This new culture-based recruitment model can transform your recruiting process.

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