• illinois8

    Start of Route 66 in Downtown Chicago

  • Johns-trains-036d

    Replica of sign to “Begin Route 66″ located on Adams near Michigan Ave.

  • Illinois2

    Route 66 sign with Lake Michigan in the background.

  • illinois3

    Replica of Art Institute in “Old Chicago”. Lake Michigan is in the background.

  • illinois7
  • illinois4

    Wide angle view of start of Route 66 in Chicago with Lake Michigan in the background.

  • illinois5

    View of Illinois farms – Missouri in the the background

  • illinois9

    Illinois farm with Route 66 and railroad in front of it. Most of the buildings in John’s exhibit are handmade by Chicago artist Mike Erzen

  • illinois6

    Wide angle view of Illinois

  • Illinois1

    Wide angle view of Gemini Giant (Wilmington) and N scale drive-in in (Miller Engineering)

  • missouri2

    Close up of Gemini Giant in Wilmington. (Giant hand made by Mike Erzen) Meramec Cavern sign on side of barn done by preservationist John Weiss and his team.

  • missouri3

    Another picture of Gemini Giant and working N scale drive-in (Miller Engineering). Litchfield IL has a working drive-in

  • missouri5

    Close up of drive-in

  • missouri6

    N scale drive in by Miller Engineering like one in Litchfield, IL. Amtrak passing by. Replica of Gemini Giant (Wilmington) made by artist Mike Erzen and a glimpse of Chain of Rocks bridge into Missouri

  • missouri7

    Wide angle view of bridge. (Notice how it curves)

  • Johns_trains_072d

    Model of Union Station on Route 66 in Chicago between Jackson/Adams, Canal/Clinton

  • Johns_trains_062d

    Chicago el Brown Line that calls out stops. (Started in 1892 in the Loop) Mounted on the ceiling of John’s basement.

  • PigHip

    Model of the Pig Hip Restaurant (destroyed by fire in 2007)