Do You Want to Buy Some Apples? Selling Strategies That Work

 John Ruh  Sales

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“Job-Shopping” versus Partnering

Most people in B-B endeavors are in the apple selling business.

“I have apples to sell. Do you want any apples today?”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach to selling your product or service, however if you’re not right on the spot when there is a need, then you won’t sell any apples. When I was a kid there used to be vegetable trucks that drove up and down the alley behind our home.  When my mom needed something, she bought it from whomever passed by next.  When you choose to sell this way, you need to be committed to selling every day, month in and month out, which can bring nerve wracking cycles of highs and lows. Unless you really love selling, this is a tough way to make a living.

What is the point?

If you are selling programs, products or services in a job shop model, you absolutely, positively must be willing to sell every single day.  However, is there a better way


  1. Move to a partnering model
    Become an integral part of your client’s team so they never even consider buying apples from anyone else. Doing this requires a change in thinking about how you want to market yourself.
  2. Web Marketing
    Develop your website as an inbound marketing vehicle and have the buyers come to you. While this takes time and effort, when successful it becomes a cost-effective way of finding ideal new clients.
  3. Target Marketing/New Business Development
    First, define your ideal client.  Create compelling ways to get in front of them or, if you find that difficult, hire an appointment setter to do it for you.  Measure your results in this area. It is critical.
  4. Learn Network Like A Pro
    Morrie Elstien (PH: 312-316-1963, Email:
    Call Morrie. He has the a 5* networking model. I call him  The “Ted Williams” of networking.

The Key Point:

Overwhelming research indicates that in order to survive and thrive in your evolving market, all businesses need a sales program that will consistently generate new business.  And when created you can hear people say, “I’m want to buy some apples from you!”

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