Recruiting Testimonials

“I thought I could do it myself, but Dean came to the rescue, and found the right people for the job. He made it easy and painless, sending vetted and qualified candidates who fit the job description. My time was minimized, which freed me up to bring in more business. He found two great hires that are a perfect fit for skills, firm culture, and personality.” Cyrus R., Principal, 11/8/19

“Dean is a proactive and driven contributor. Gives insightful write-ups on potential candidates to make the process easier of narrowing down the right person and assess if I should advance them to an interview. Dean’s expertise in sourcing has contributed greatly to expanding my sales force and would highly recommend.” Melissa D., Owner/President of established privately held manufacturing and design firm, 6/22/19

“I’ve worked with Dean Klovens for a retained search company in Chicago. He performed strategic sourcing and talent acquisition project management. He will help your company achieve it’s goal to find candidates who compliment company mission, objectives, and culture to identify leadership attributes and capabilities. Coupled with finding leaders, Dean is strong in candidate research adding value to a company’s staffing goals.” Deb Y., Managing Partner/ Retained Based Executive Recruiting Firm, 1/15/19

“As a recruiter, the DISC program is a great tool that helps me quickly identify other’s profile to better understand how to communicate effectively for both internal employees and external candidates. John & Darlene are very helpful and responsive, it’s a pleasure working with them.” Erin R., Recruitment and Talent Development Manager, 11/29/17

“In 2005, after a thorough process including DISC and other assessments, I hired a controller, Bob, for my $12-million-annual-revenue manufacturing business. Despite early evidence that the staffing decision was not a fit, I suffered with it for two years, determined to make it work. In 2007, I made the long-overdue decision to go back to the drawing board. After another thorough process, this time with John’s help, a hire was made. A new controller, Mark, was put in place to run our now $20-million-annual-revenue business. After a month, I was convinced I had made another mistake, and this time was determined not to suffer with it for two years but rather take immediate action. I called John and said, ‘…talk me off the ledge. I’m afraid I’ve made another mistake, but I don’t want to overreact based on my traumatic experience with Bob, stubbornly sticking with a bad fit for two years.’ John did talk me off the ledge, he reinforced and provided insights to Mark’s personal style and what I needed to do to help him through the on-boarding process. John predicted, ‘…if you hang in there, Mark will do great things for you….’ John was correct. Today in 2010, Mark remains a perfect fit, as controller and key contributor to our now $38-million-annual-revenue business. Without John’s insight, I would likely have compounded my first staffing error with a second one.” Ray P., CEO of a Manufacturing Company, 11/29/17

“Using the DiSC has helped in many ways in my business as a recruiter. It helps me understand differences in such a ‘user-friendly’ way that my ability to assess clients’ needs is so accurate that I work much more effectively and efficiently when hiring for them. It also is wonderful information to apply when interviewing candidates. The DiSC is consistent in helping me to determine their wants and needs and to clarify their skill set. It has certainly helped me to be more successful in putting the ‘right people in the right position with the right company.'” Pam Anderson, Anderson Enterprises, 11/28/17