Now to Thanksgiving

 John Ruh   Business Planning

What we see is our “Must Do List” between now and Thanksgiving.

We all know it is extremely difficult to keep focused and complete our projects between Thanksgiving and the New Year. So we developed:

Our Top 5 Must Do’s

  1. Priority One: Client Care
    Take care of customers by delivering a superior product or service and communication being the foundation of success. (This might be the best marketing we can do to secure our future.)
    Completion date: Now
  2. Comprehensive Continuous Improvement List
    It is critical to make sure everyone is crystal clear what we are working on to improve and frame our future. Clarify projects that must be completed between now and Thanksgiving. Why? It’s simple: Change or die. Your continuous improvement projects list needs to be public and reviewed weekly.
    Note: Ask us how to do this and/or meet with one of our C.I. project managers who will assist you if needed. We can also provide you with a form to use that will make this easier.
    Completion date: Now
  3. Do an anonymous company-wide survey to give all stakeholders a voice in assessing 2019 and planning 2020.
    This is a step most of us skip. We need to stop, review, and complete 2019 vs. just having 2019 run into 2020 without using a process approach on assessing and planning. Why? Worldwide research (ask for this if you want it) indicates over 50% of one’s staff needs time to process and review to go forward effectively.
    Completion date: By Thanksgiving or earlier if you are a very large group of people.
  4. At Thanksgiving/Holiday provide sincere “thank you’s” to all stakeholders that have contributed to 2019.
    2 Reasons why:

    1. It costs very little to say thank you and it is a thoughtful, personal way to express our gratitude to those who brought us to where we are today.
    2. Normally, 50% of our staff people are high on the “people” side of the equation. They want and need to hear we appreciate them. Doing this, as a process, can be the start of enrolling their support for 2020 (and increases the possibility of retaining them).
  5. Take Care of Yourself
    We cannot be the leaders we want or need to be for others unless we first ensure that we are taking care of ourselves. As the flight attendant says, “Put the mask on yourself first!”

Thanksgiving to December 31st
When we have done the above well, we are ready to design and package a great 2020 game plan to support and achieve our 2020 vision, mission and values.

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