The Mission, Vision, and Services of John M. Ruh and Associates

Philosophy and Principles

  • Great success starts with a vision…a grandiose word for outcome
  • Everyone associated with a project must take ownership…no excuses
  • Understanding a client’s culture is critical. Shared vision and goals, mission and values are the foundation of every successful project.
  • Specialists devise a client strategy to achieve stated top and bottom line objectives

Company Mission

Partnering with growth oriented leaders to create the right P.S.T. support: the right People, the right Structure, and the right Tools

Company Vision

To be a valued partner and an integral part of a client’s leadership team


  • Business Partnering
    We offer 4 different Partnering Programs to decide from.
  • Project-Based Partnering
    We assist in building a solid resolution for recurring problems. This involves introducing a particular program, process and/or specialist. In such situations, pricing is project-based.
  • Advisory Partnering
    At times, people ask John and/or his specialists for advice on a particular issue. Billing for this is done at the specialist’s hourly rate.