February Tips

What do you need to do so your 2019 game plan is kept alive and healthy?

  1. Do A REALITY CHECK to see how well everyone understands the 2019 game plan.
    PS: If you did not present your game plan (www.johnruh.com/unfulfilled-expectations) go back to Step One, put together a game plan and communicate it powerfully to enroll the support needed to make it a reality. (Call and ask us for tips on how to do it)
  2. Create a 2019 list of the key support needed so your 2019 game plan is alive and well. Call us for our Continuous Improvement form so you can put your CI initiatives in writing, review it WEEKLY (to make it a habit) and assign champions for each project.
  3. Ask your leaders to state their key departmental goals to support the overall 2019 vision, goals, mission and values. The more you can work down from the top overall goals to the leadership team and then to each player, the better chance you have of creating alignment and support

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Action to Take Now
Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 now

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