Does Your Interviewing Model Do This?

 John Ruh  Recruiting

★ Does your interviewing model do the following? ★

By John Ruh

  1. Properly assess potential managers and leaders in 4 key areas?
  2. Make it easy for you and your managers to listen for vision and values alignment?
  3. Show you how to evaluate the key behavioral and leadership traits you need so you can assess candidates properly?

If you answered no to 1, 2 or 3 or, if you don’t have an interviewing model, then you and your staff need training on how to interview. Learning and using The JMR Interviewing Model will teach you how to interview people so you can “see what’s invisible.” You will learn how to listen for, understand and evaluate the candidate’s intangible assets.

If you’d like to interview more effectively contact us today. My partner, Scott Urban, and I will set up a one-time free, one-hour, mini workshop to be done on your site.