Tracy L.

Love and Leadership Development creates Productivity and Profitability!

Trainer - Tracy LavertyWho I Am
Love and Leadership Coach and Facilitator and President of a coaching and mentoring consulting firm.

What I Do
Explore Goals, Brainstorm Solutions to Visions and Challenges, Implement Coaching, Consulting and Facilitating initiatives, Learn and Grow from ongoing Opportunities and Celebrate Successes.

How I Add Value

  • Provide a unique Facilitation style that maximizes group Engagement, Learning and Enjoyment.
  • Offer Coaching before, during and after Learning Experiences to ensure the Action Plans are clear, Fears are Overcome and Goals are Achieved.
  • Leverage the Laws of Attraction/Appreciative Inquiry to focus upon Strengths, Affirmative Goals and the Power of Love to Co-create Personal and Professional Success and Peace of Mind.

Areas of Expertise

  • Training: Facilitates over 30 Training courses and Lunch and Learn Workshops. Leverages Adult Learning Theory and Experiential activities. Exudes Authenticity, Engaging style, Deep Listening and Connection of participant shares to content and Learning Objectives.
  • Coaching: Coaches all levels of personnel with a Collaborative and Compassionate style to increase Mindfulness and Effectiveness around Professional and Personal Goals.
  • Consulting: Consults with Leaders to determine Key Goals and Facilitates Process Improvement initiatives to achieve Business Objectives.
  • Facilitating: Facilitates Women Empowering Women Peer Groups to Co-create Authentic Goals, Work/Life Balance and Connection to Self and Others.

Professional Training Courses and Lunch and Learn Workshops

  • Achieve Global: Professional Sales Negotiations, Account Development Strategies, Professional Sales Skills: Core, Professional Sales Skills: Coaching and Quality Service Skills
  • Franklin Covey: FOCUS, Presentation Advantage and Writing Advantage
  • Wilson Learning: Coach Development Workshop I and II and Social Styles
  • Other: Train-the-Trainer Course and Gold of the Desert Kings
  • Professional Workshops–DISC: Understand Your and Others Behavioral Style for Optimized Performance, “Crucial Conversations”: Understanding How to Handle Challenging Conversations, “Quiet”: Understanding Introversion & Extraversion: How to Accept and Leverage each Nature and Creating your Soul Proprietorship.
  • Personal Development–Saboteurs and Sages: Increasing Awareness of your Inner Dialogue and Leveraging your Strengths, Discover your Values: Create your Life Plan, Harness the Laws of Attraction, Clean Sweep Program: Improve your Energy and Clean up your Life and Love: Learning how to Unconditionally Love.

Target Clients are

  • Committed to Learning and Development for their team of Leaders, Managers and Teams.
  • Open to making positive changes and understand Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction leads to business Success.
  • Empowered and believe that everyone being empowered leads to a better environment.

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