Culture Testimonials

John Ruh has been a tremendous resource in assisting me in achieving a better work-life balance and in figuring out ways to better handle the wide variety of professional challenges I encounter on a daily basis. I recommend John’s services enthusiastically and without reservation.” Jonathan W., Managing Partner of loop law firm, 10/8/23

“It is with great pleasure and immense gratitude that I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable mentorship and guidance provided by John Ruh as my business coach. John’s remarkable depth of knowledge and extensive experience in building successful businesses has been nothing short of transformative for me and my ventures.

One of John’s most profound insights that resonated deeply with me is his concept of the “golden goose.” With his expert guidance, I have learned to recognize and nurture the core elements of my business that generate the most value and sustainability. John’s ability to distill complex business strategies into actionable steps has been instrumental in steering my ventures towards consistent growth and profitability.

John’s mastery of the DISC profile is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His comprehensive understanding of human behavior and communication styles has been instrumental in helping us identify the most effective approaches to connect with our clients. Through his expert guidance, we’ve been able to tailor our sales strategies to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual, resulting in more meaningful and fruitful client relationships.

Beyond the realm of business, John has also served as an invaluable spiritual mentor to me. His compassionate and empathetic approach has provided me with a safe space to explore deeper aspects of personal growth and self-discovery. Through his insightful guidance, I have gained a greater sense of clarity, purpose, and alignment in both my professional and personal life.

John’s unwavering dedication to my success and his genuine passion for helping others achieve their full potential is truly commendable. His ability to blend profound business acumen with spiritual wisdom is a rare and invaluable combination that sets him apart as an extraordinary coach and mentor.

In every interaction with John, I am continually inspired by his boundless reservoir of knowledge, his unwavering commitment to my growth, and his genuine desire to see me succeed. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have John Ruh as my business coach and spiritual mentor, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking profound transformation in their business endeavors and personal growth journey.” Ryan S., CEO, 9/28/2023

“I have known John Ruh for several years and continue to enjoy every conversation I have with him. When talking to John, two things will happen: 1. You will laugh. 2. You will learn something. He is such a great resource and I am grateful for having him in my network.” Bill H., CEO, 10/10/22

“John and his team took the time to understand the roots of our culture, and then developed it into an asset for growth and support for my architectural team. The process was easy and painless, but challenged me and my staff to think differently.” Cyrus R., Principal, 11/20/19

“We recently completed a year-long initiative to identify, define and implement a new culture program within our company. John Ruh and his team were instrumental in guiding us through the process and assisting us with the various steps necessary to make the new program successful. It will be transformational for us and would not have been possible without John’s dedicated involvement as part of the culture development team. He is knowledgeable, engaging and excellent at keeping us on task. He asked tough questions and established dialogue necessary to ensure we kept the project moving forward with a clear focus on our goals. I highly recommend engaging John Ruh and his team for culture development initiatives.” Jim K., CEO, 12/12/18

“John Ruh and Associates was employed to assist us in building a cohesive leadership team that was focused on a common set of goals. His guidance on our first company game plan united us on our path together. We built an effective, communicative, and focused leadership team had the tools to take it throughout the facility. This changed the culture of our facility in a united and positive way.” Kim H., Plant Manager of Manufacturing Company

“Ruh and Associates improved our company culture by helping create value expectations for all employees across the business. They also improved collaboration by understanding DISC profiles and how best to communicate with a given style that might be different than your own. John and his team were very helpful in transitioning our organization to a new structure.” Jim G., CFO

“Culture is one of, if not the most, important determinants of your organization’s success. Understanding how to build and maintain the right culture that reflects your values and your intentions is a tricky proposition to navigate. John M. Ruh and Associates can be your guide in this critical endeavor. Their experience, knowledge and proven approach is invaluable for high performance teams looking to continue in pursuit of excellence or in turnaround situations where “a miracle” is needed.” Todd S., General Manager

“John has worked extensively with Cornelius for over a year across a wide range of consulting assignments. We initially appointed him to assist in synergizing our team in the fast paced business that we manage. We have been greatly impressed with his expertise, leadership skills and energy that his role has expanded to include support with culture development, creation of a business Game Plan, and ongoing people development. John’s support has been invaluable during a period of significant change for Cornelius and I would fully endorse his excellent interpersonal skills, breadth of knowledge and communication approach.” Tony C., General Manager

“John Ruh and his team are passionate about supporting Leaders and Team Members to achieve their potential through outlining individual and company goals and creating a plan to achieve those goals. John and his team bring a wide variety of customized support to break through old and non-functioning patterns within the culture, and in the end his clients achieve a culture that works for the employees and their customers. John is generous with his complimentary consultations—give him and his team some time, so you can see if he is the right fit for you!” Tracy L., Continuous Improvement and Women empowering Women Coach

“John M Ruh & Associates are truly expert at discovering who you are and what you want your company be. They will help you develop a culture that is consistent with your values and keeps you on track to achieve your goals. And they will put this in writing, in a manner that will allow anyone to know who you are, where you’re going and how to successfully partner with you.” Scott U., Entrepreneur / Playwright / Recruiter

“Working with John on redefining culture: John takes the time to understand an organization’s dynamics before he comes up with a game plan. He then teaches everyone how to communicate effectively with each other and gains buy in from everyone. Once this has been completed, John has laid the building blocks for a stronger team which will then be able to establish a vision, mission and values for the entire organization. Since he is able to gain buy in from everyone he has established a stronger culture which can lead to dynamic organizational change.” Paul M., Partner, B-B CFO

“John helped our company crystallize our mission, vision, goals and core values into a written game plan defining our culture. This game plan helps our employees and stakeholders stay on track and brings clarity on where we are going and how to get there. John’s guidance and patience during this sole-searching process was invaluable. I highly recommend companies of all sizes partner with John to assist in building a solid foundation for their business.” Jeff B., President / Entrepreneur of National Privately Held Firm

“In the rat race world that we live in we are so focused on getting to the top it becomes very easy to forget how the actions we take effect more than just ourselves. John has an ability to breakdown your business to understand what is important to the entire organization. This creates a culture that is strong enough to break through any and all obstacles that come your way day to day.” Ryan S. Entrepreneur

“I have worked with John Ruh and Associates for many years. They really get to know a company’s culture through interviewing the leadership team as well as the people on their staff to get a full understanding of company values, successes and pending issues. They even do surveys when needed. Everything is fully understood and in place before any Game Plan is developed and implemented to assure a successful outcome.” Debbie R., Sr. Project Mgr. and Sr. Recruiter

“John Ruh possesses a unique form of wisdom that requires you to look inside yourself. For all of us who struggle to be better at who we are, John is an excellent guide.” Joe B., President / Entrepreneur

“We have partnered with John Ruh to help identify our culture and needs for structure in our workplace. He identified our DISC profiles to help us better understand ourselves and better communicate with each other. He met one-on-one with leadership to dive deeper into understanding our needs and ensuring that we take care of ourselves so we can take care of the company and employees. This has been invaluable! He also helped us create a unique Game Plan to rollout to the company. Thank you, John!” Jill H. HR Director

“John has been a big help by enlightening me on the importance of culture. By focusing on it – after learning that as the head of the company this is among my greatest responsibilities – I have noticed a big improvement in the productivity and happiness of my team. Plus, viewing each employee as an individual with specific needs and ways of dealing with others is something I had taken for granted. John’s approach is unique and highly effective.” David G., President/Owner of International Franchise Firm

“John helped me crystallize my understanding of culture and the importance it is to our company’s success. A company’s culture is an understanding of shared values and beliefs by its employee and leadership team. A strong culture encourages employees to be innovative, solve for the customer, and encourages continual learning and exploration. Culture can’t be forced or dictated by upper management but supporting a healthy culture and nurturing its growth or initiating changes, should be as important of a goal as improving revenue. In fact, a healthy and supportive culture can be the key part of an organization’s long-term success.” Allison C.,Entrepreneur and SEO Leader

“Culture is so important for business success. At one point in my career, I took over an under-performing manufacturing operation and in 18 months grew sales 50% and profits went through the roof. All because I changed the culture and it wasn’t very hard. The owner was actually embarrassed. I still don’t know anything about manufacturing, but I know how important culture is. To learn more, I highly recommend John Ruh and Associates. Insightful, caring and a lot of fun to work with.” Jim W., Business Consultant, CPA and Networking Expert

“John has a deep understanding of the classic phrase ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ He has a keen awareness of the power of alignment of a team toward a goal. He has a way of pragmatically bringing into focus the moving parts of a team from a culture and values perspective in order to bring about a more effective end result for an organization.” Bryan V., President of Executive Peer Group

“What I have enjoyed about working with John is his quick grasp of what were my values for our team. Respect is such a key value for us, and John buys right into that and helped us learn the communication styles that would protect this while improving our overall performance. John is direct and to the point and focuses on what the client really wants as the key drivers.” Fred S.,Chairman of a 90 Year Old Privately Held Company

“John Ruh and Associates enhanced our company culture and empowered each of us to be better versions of ourselves working together. John worked with us on communication related skills which significantly helped our interactions. We developed a game plan for our company which would come all the way down to department level and individual level game plans. He makes sure that each individual develops personal game plans and receives support in this regard.” Maryam M., Accounting Manager in Manufacturing Company