DISC Partnering Program

Our DISC program is ideal for any team or company that wants to use this proven world-class best practice tool which includes specialized applications we developed from hands-on primary research. The program can be customized to your culture and will help you solve challenges you face in teambuilding, customer service/sales, management and leadership development. Most importantly, you will support and empower your players in a way that works for them.

All programs include:

  1. 20% discount on all profiles and workshops
  2. Team/company DISC charts (critical information to know)
  3. Specials only available to DISC partners including invitations to private events
  4. 10 proven applications (see below)
  5. Earn one point for each disc purchased. 10 points = one free disc

I. Basic DISC Partnering Program

  1. Receive A-E plus one DISC workshop/quarter

II. Intermediate DISC Partnering Program

  1. Receive A-E PLUS
  2. Monthly DISC fun lunch and learn series
  3. Two 10-Step leadership development programs

III. Advanced DISC Partnering Program

  1. Receive A-E PLUS
  2. 7 leadership development programs
  3. Monthly DISC fun lunch and learn series
  4. Customized on site, advanced consciousness sessions for select leaders

10 Proven DISC Applications:

  1. DISC Identification – Learn how to identify different styles and adapt your approach to increase your communication effectiveness
  2. DISC and Sales and/or DISC and Customer Service – Appreciate your customer’s DISC buying styles and how to adapt your DISC style to meet your customer’s needs.
  3. Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style – For new and existing managers to learn what leadership is all about touching on how all leaders must learn to bench their ego
  4. DISC & Culture and/or DISC and Global Stats – Common DISC profiles in various global regions; in what manner regional cultures are impacted by DISC
  5. DISC and Stress – How a person’s natural DISC style is a map for stress triggers and by what means improved understanding of DISC can defuse stressful situations
  6. DISC and Listening – Begin to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each profiles listening style.
  7. DISC and Interviewing – Using DISC to anticipate fit within teams and what non-verbal messages are being communicated
  8. DISC and Change or DISC and Continuous Improvement – How different personal styles react to change situations and how to make change work for your organization
  9. Dealing with Difficult People – DISC reveals how people prefer to communicate and how a person responds.
  10. DISC and Ego – Understanding the nature of the Ego–which colors the way individuals perceive and respond to situations and other people