Candidate List

As of April 15, 2024

Impact Player:
ID# 4129
Position: Sales Leader
Industry: Consumer Products
Description: Sales driver consistently delivering superior results year after year in consumer products. Want sales results? Set up a meeting with this candidate!


Candidates Available:
ID#: 2022-106
Position: Sales VP
Industry: Technical Sales
Description: Sales driver specializing in technical products delivering outstanding sales growth.

ID#: 2022-111
Position: Fractional CFO
Industry: All Industries
Description: Fix it CFO. If you have problems, or concerns or looking to manage cash flow, you need to meet this fractional CFO.

ID# 3119
Position: Marketer
Industry: Any
Description: Digital and social media marketer. Excels at marketing strategy and branding.

ID# 3120
Position: EVP
Industry: Finance and Banking
Description: Equipment financing expert, consistently exceeding sales goals.

ID# 3121
Position: Purchasing Director
Industry: Any
Description: Excels at high fill rates with a large volume of SKUs. Manages inventory turns exceptionally well.

ID# 3122
Position: CEO/ President
Industry: Any
Description: Experienced executive with broad global experience, exceptional interpersonal and team-building skills, and a proven track record over 25 years is looking for a new growth opportunity with a small to lower-middle market company in the Chicagoland area. Has a very strong leadership background and extensive C-level references that can validate what he brings to the table. Strengths include:

ID# 3123
Position: CEO/ President
Industry: Manufacturing
Description: C-suite executive (CEO/ President/ COO) with expertise in setting strategic direction, team building, and driving both top-and bottom-line growth looking for his next opportunity to lead, or help lead, a mid-market manufacturing organization.

ID# 3124
Position: Director – EHS
Industry: Manufacturing
Description: Director of Employee safety & health

ID# 4125
Position: VP technology
Industry: Finance and banking
Description: Highly skilled tech executive in the financial industry. Rare ability to take strategy to implementation.

ID# 4126
Position: VP Market Development
Industry: Medical
Description: Talented market development executive in the medical equipment field. This is the person you need to meet to grow your medical equipment business!

ID# 4127
Position: CEO/President
Industry: Manufacturing
Description: Unlocks growth to elevate people and profits in middle-market B2B companies. He has a unique ability to identify opportunities, align organizations, and execute for extraordinary results. He has produced organic growth from $50m to $250m in the industrial sector under private equity and in healthcare SaaS generated a 27% CAGR. He also led M&A growth with deals executed up to $125m. Daniel is a purpose-driven leader with a passion for growth and alignment challenges in the Industrial and Technology-Enables Services sectors. He is exploring opportunities as President or COO in the middle market ($50m to $500m).

ID# 4128
Position: Director – Operations
Industry: Manufacturing
Description: Built field service organizations. Managed global supply channels.

ID# 4129
Position: Sales Leader
Industry: Consumer Products
Description: Outstanding sales executive delivering outstanding sales results exceeding goals year over year! Are your B2B sales in need of improvement? Contact us to speak to this candidate.