5 Hidden Best Practice Tools All Businesses Need

Best PracticesExtensive research has demonstrated that the most effective leaders deploy best practice tools as a means for motivating, implementing change and helping their teams to grow and succeed. Best practice tools are tested programs that address common needs, such as annual planning, team selection and effective networking.

During 2020, we will be introducing different tools that the many leaders and organizations with whom we work have used effectively. For prospective clients, we will offer a one month “test drive” of any one of these tools as they are introduced. For no obligation, we will present the tool, train on implementation, and support your initial use on site.

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P.S.: Additionally, you can also access two papers on global cultural and behavioral profiles that we have recently added to our site. These papers will help grow your understanding of the impact of culture in various parts of the world, sharpening your “leadership tool” of awareness. Contact us for access to these important papers or for a personal introduction to these concepts.

Test drive any one of our Best Practice Tools today at no charge.

John Ruh and Associates will present, train and implement a tool to your company. Contact us today for more information! 773-641-9631 or john@johnruh.com.