3 Simple Steps for Annual Business Planning

 John Ruh  Business Planning

3 Simple Steps for Annual Business PlanningChicago Business Planning and continuous Improvement. We absolutely/positively must complete the end of the year well (take care of business), get our strategic initiatives (continuous improvement projects) completed and design a super game plan (be it individual, departmental, or company) so we can enroll the support we need to have a successful next year.

Step 1: October/November: Focus: Annual Review (everyone)

  1. Do an annual company survey to get everyone’s input so we can enroll all stakeholders and show our respect for their participation.
  2. Review/analyze your annual budget and your preliminary budget for next year.
  3. Complete all key annual continuous improvement initiatives and projects.

Step 2: November/December: Focus: Next Year’s Game Plan

  1. With key inside and outside manager/leaders create a game plan for next year.
  2. Managers do their departmental plans and possibly complete annual individual employee reviews.
  3. Make sure that budget and support needs (including key continuous improvement initiatives) are outlined to support A & B.

Step 3: January: Focus: Roll out of game plan

  1. By January 15th, rollout your key goals for next year. Ideally, this will include your long-term vision, mission, and key values. Doing that will present a code of conduct. As a group, outline the support you truly need.
  2. Reinforce that continuous improvement needs to be a habit and start key initiatives. (Critical to make CI a habit vs. doing only when problems occur.)
  3. Review the roles and mission of each position and put them into the game plan.

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