12 Ways to Support Leadership in Yourself, Your Department, Your Company

 John Ruh  12 Ways to Support Leadership

12 Ways to Support Leadership in Yourself, Your Department, Your Company

Provided By: John Ruh

Business Consultant Chicago

  1. Understand the power of culture-based leadership (based on vision, mission and values).
  2. Learn how to put your culture into your individual, department or company game plan.
  3. Learn to make continuous improvement a habit like brushing your teeth.
  4. Create enough space in your work life. No Space and No Time = No Innovation.
  5. Discover the difference between being a manager and being a leader.
  6. Improve your ability to work effectively with difficult people (Those people who push your buttons).
  7. Understand what partnering can truly mean.  Discover how to create win-win partnerships.
  8. Gather leadership tips from the pros.  What do they say? Check out JohnRuh.com and read: (a) Leadership Book Summaries and/or ask to watch. (b) Leadership DVD’s from Welch, Collins, Jobs, Lenciconi, Canada and more.
  9. Learn why focusing on habits and processes can produce better long-term results.
  10. Determine how to train security and compliance people to do things your way.
  11. Discover Advanced Leadership Development: Understanding, accepting and supporting yourself right.  How to bench your ego.
  12. Develop Entrepreneurship in your company: How to get everyone taking “ownership” of their work.

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