What is Your Continuous Improvement Budget?

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement

What is your continuous improvement budget for your company?

What is your continuous improvement budget for your department?

What is your continuous improvement budget for yourself?

Perhaps the single most important thing you need to do in order to at least survive and ideally thrive in any market is to make change and continuous improvement a habit like brushing one’s teeth www.johnruh.com/brushing-your-teeth/.

Why bother? (My answers)

  1. This may sound a bit dramatic but history proves we either change or die.
    So your job or your department or your company’s survival is dependent on making the needed changes in order to be sustainable. Need proof? Look around you.
  2. It prevents Burnout
    Have you ever noticed that great achievers never seem to burn out? I have studied success and satisfaction since age 19 and I have noticed that leaders in a continuous improvement mode, be it personal or professional, rarely experience burnout.
  3. You can thrive if you practice continuous improvement.
    Those companies, those departments and those individuals that make continuous improvement (which they may call innovation) a habit and consistently create services, products and programs that serve the coming market needs, thrive. Classic examples are Edison, Ford, and Steve Jobs but others are all around us. Forward thinking leaders reap the benefits (money, status, more security) as a result of being in a continuous improvement mode instead of implementing change ONLY when a problem occurs.

Suggested Action
Let’s talk or meet or better yet, have a one-time, one-hour session (at no charge) to discuss the topic and make continuous improvement a key component of your new year’s game plan.

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