Unfulfilled Expectations

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Does your staff know your expectations?

It’s that time of year when we enroll people to support our game plans for business growth and success. We share those business success plans, then press ahead thinking we have been understood, only to discover we were wrong and things don’t get done. This is a classic example of unfulfilled expectations. Rather than fall into the blame game, we, as leaders, need to look internally and ask how we might communicate more effectively to minimize misunderstandings. Our leadership role is directly tied to our business success. As Frank Robbins likes to say, “Eliminating unfulfilled expectations is the path to effective management”.

Unfulfilled Expectations

3 tips on how to do this right:

  1. Have either a department or company-wide session where you share your top three 2018 goals. Consider as a group what must happen to make them a reality. Business success is tied to everyone understanding and supporting these goals.
  2. Discuss expectations that EVERYONE needs to understand. State clearly what is non- negotiable. Be clear regarding the rules of your game. These should be tied into your values.
  3. Have honest, open, 1-1 or small group discussions to make sure everyone is on board with the game plans. Do not fall into the mistake of thinking that telling someone what you expect means they agree, or worse, that silence is agreement.

When done right, this can solve these 3 problems:

  1. End the Blaming and Shaming game you are playing.
  2. Prevent thinking that just because she/he heard you, she/he understood you and agrees with your request.
  3. Help you recognize that when breakdowns occur (and they happen with all of us). You will be able to see what you missed and how next time you can do the “set up” better (call and we will explain this).

PS: What to expect from us this year:

Partnership and, to the best of our ability, making sure we eliminate unfulfilled expectations between us.

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