Speaking Leader to Leader

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Speaking Leader to LeaderAre you a business leader and feel that you aren’t reaching your goals?

Is your business not performing the way you had planned?

What must you do now to ensure Q2 is supported right?

My answers:

  1. First STOP. Thoroughly review what is working, not working and what needs you have.
  2. Outline key 2nd Quarter Continuous Improvement projects that must get done to reinforce you 2018 game plan.
  3. Enroll the support you truly need to get things accomplished.

What does supporting yourself right mean? This is complicated since support means different things to different people. I break it down into three categories: programs, structure you need and people. It starts with honestly looking at yourself and your situation and doing an assessment so you can see what you truly need (a tough question for most of us). You can read more about this topic here

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