Speaking Leader to Leader – Is Your Leadership Plan in Place?

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

I asked myself what I must do as the leader of my business (and life) to complete the year well and be prepared for this year. Developing my leadership plan is a key part of my business success and growth.

My answers:

  1. Stop and review this year from both a personal and business standpoint. I give myself 60 days to do this right.
  2. Get honest, open input from others.
  3. Design and support my yearly Game Plan in the right way. That means it is built on a very solid foundation which includes my vision, my goals, my mission, purpose and values. I put this in writing so I can review it frequently.
  4. Get the support I need so my year end continuous personal and business projects are done right. (The holidays can make this a challenge so the answer for me is the right support.)
  5. Ensure I have the space, time and needed structure to do all of the above right. I think we all know when we do not plan well we generally do not get the outcomes we want.