28 Days and Counting

 John Ruh   Uncategorized

New Year AheadDecember is usually a very tough month due to fewer working days, the holidays and all the personal demand of the season. The next 28 days would be best spent if dedicated to completing this year and moving into the next, however, speaking leader-to-leader, here are three things I think we all must do:

  1. Take care of business…all the day-to-day tactical stuff and wow our clients in the here and now.
  2. Do a review of this year be it individually, department or companywide. www.johnruh.com/3-simple-steps-for-annual-business-planning/.
  3. Create a powerful game plan for next year that empowers you and your team. www.johnruh.com/the-game.

This can be a daunting task for all of us but you are not alone. The secret is to enroll the support you truly need. Call/email us and we can refer specialists and simple processes that will help you get the job done right and still leave time to enjoy the holidays.

Call/email us at 773-641-9631 or John@JohnRuh.com.