Speaking Leader to Leader

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On January 4th our teams will be asking us openly or indirectly, “How do we get started? What should we expect for 2022?” Our job now is to create a Unique, Empowering Game Plan, and roll out schedule. Here are three steps to get it done successfully…

FeedbackStep One: Get Some Feedback

If it hasn’t been done already, get some feedback from everyone (all stakeholders). An anonymous survey is best. It shows their opinions matter and creates ownership.

Step Two: Get your 2022 Culture-Based Game Plan on Paper

Everyone does better with a clear plan. Get your 2022 plan on paper, and focus on the culture to retain and attract the best talent in today’s tough market.

Blast Off!Step Three: Kick it off in January

The Roll-out is key: In January, get everyone to the starting line knowing what is expected. Build the excitement and engagement for the new opportunities in 2022

  1. Contact Debbie to learn about a simple, confidential, survey to get your stakeholders input.
  2. A special holiday offer – contact Darlene (or 773-775-6636) to sign up for JMR Santa Ho Ho Ho contest with PRIZES!
  3. Request a 1-1 to discuss how to create an effective Game Plan or The 5 Understandings of the Power of Culture with John Ruh (or 773-649-9631)

* It is highly recommended that you use a neutral, outside 3rd party to perform the survey to ensure employee confidence with their anonymity.