Supporting Yourself Right

 John Ruh  Professional Development

Why bother?

What does support really mean?

How do you create it?

Why bother?
Most people think of support as something that happens to them. I believe it is something that you create. Without the right support, your vision, mission, goals and values (be they individual, company or departmental) will be very difficult to achieve. I want you to think about creating ways to develop the support you truly need so your vision and goals are kept alive and well.

What Does Supporting Yourself Right Really Mean?
This is complicated since support means different things to different people. I break it down to three areas: the people, the structure and the tools you need. It starts with honestly looking at yourself and your situation then doing an assessment so you can determine what support is truly needed. (a tough question for most of us).

How high achievers do it
High achievers are focused on outcomes. They take responsibility/ownership and are deeply committed to achieving them ( What is not so obvious is that they are also skilled at creating the support they truly need. I see that as the key difference separating them from ordinary performers.

What Support do you truly need?
Stop for a moment and do some introspection on yourself, your team or company. If this is difficult for you, ask us for one free session to assess your true needs so you can start the process of supporting yourself and your team or company right.

PS: You might find “ Right support means right P.S.T.” helpful