Recruiting Does Not Belong In HR

Then where does recruiting belong?

It either belongs in Marketing because good recruiting requires good marketing, or it can be a separate department (a recruiting department can be done in house or it can be outsourced) that reports to the president/GM.


Can you imagine any major sports teams (which have the best recruiting methods by far), letting their HR Manager or CFO do their recruiting when they have the time? Of course not! This is a very time consuming process and the recruiter must have a combination of research skills, time to devote to it (an absolute minimum of 30 hours to do a quality search) and internet technology know how. Most of the time is spent sorting the cream from the milk. Taking short cuts is the best way to miss out on the perfect fit.

And here is the good news no recruiter will tell you:

The recruiting paradigm made a 180 degree shift when the Internet came into being. Candidates went from private to public domain. Now you can reach anyone if you have the right technology and know-how. Just like with modern marketing, it calls for the expertise on how to use today’s internet options properly.

The new paradigm costs less!

Contingency recruiting is an obsolete paradigm. A new model is available to you that costs less and does a better job. You can now have an outsourced contract recruiter (or an employee to serve as your recruiter, full or part time) who knows your culture and your people and is paid on a time and materials basis. You can now afford to implement a five-step, leading-edge recruiting model so your program can achieve its’ goal, which is providing two to three candidates who are an 8, 9 or 10 (on a scale from 1-10) and fit into your culture.

The Key Benefit

Eliminate your number 1 expense-keeping employees whose cost exceeds value

Managers will never replace 4-5-6 players (on a scale to 10) until they know they can find an 8, 9 or 10. And keep low producers can drive our your high performers

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