Recruiting Does Not Belong In HR

Where does recruiting belong?
It belongs in a separate department (done in house, or it can be outsourced), that reports to the president/GM. A recruiter is a combination marketer, salesperson, and researcher, skills which are generally not found in your average HR person.

Here is why:
Can you imagine major sports teams (which have the best recruiting methods by far), letting their HR Manager or CFO do their recruiting and then only when he/she has the time? Of course not! This is a very time-consuming process, and the recruiter must have a combination of hunter skills, internet know how, and the time to devote to it as often takes many hours to do a quality search. Taking short cuts is the best way to miss out on the perfect fit.

And here is the good news no recruiter will tell you:
The recruiting paradigm made a 180-degree shift in 1995 when the Internet came into being. Candidates went from private to public domain allowing you to reach anyone if you have the right technology and Internet know-how.

The new paradigm costs less!
Contingency recruiting is obsolete, and a new model is available that costs less and can eliminate your number one expense… keeping players whose cost exceeds their value. Impact your bottom line! You can use an outsourced contract recruiter who gets to know your culture and people, and pay on a time and materials basis usually without commissions.

The Final Benefit
When this program is in place your managers can expect at least a 7+ performance out of existing employees because they know a low-level performer can be replaced by an 8, 9 or 10.

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